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Dịch vụ và sản phẩm - DMTC

ProDrill DE500

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The Truck is a 2006 Ford F550 4x4, cab and chassis, 165” wheelbase, 6.0L power stroke diesel, 6-speed transmission, air conditioning, cruise control, AM/FM stereo, locking rear differential, extra heavy duty front and rear suspension. The truck is rated at 19000 GVW.

The pump Hoist is a Pulstar 8000E. This modified machine is designed for single line application only. The maximum single line pull is 4000 lbs. Maximum single line speed is 140 fpm. The hoist is equipped with remote control, aluminum pipe racks with rack straps, wire spool mounts, hydraulic oil cooler, HD tailgate. The hoist is equipped with a 3/8 x 125 ft cable and 4-ton swivel hook.

The Pulstar pump hoist has been modified to accept the drilling attachment. The hoist must be specially ordered to accept this attachment. The drilling attachment cannot be retrofitted to a hoist already in the field.

The pull down cylinder of the drill develops app. 10000 lbs of pull down pressure, and app. 5600 lbs of pullback pressure. The speed and pressure is infinitely adjustable at the operators console.

The tophead develops app. 1650 ft lbs of torque. The speed and pressure are infinitely adjustable at the operators console. The tophead is also equipped with a breakout feature that is also controlled at the operators console.

The mud pump is a hydraulically driven Centerline 7½ x 10 duplex pump. With the deck engine hydraulic system, it should deliver app. 190 GPM @ 225 PSI @ 25 strokes per minute. The deck engine high idle speed is at the operators console. For this function, the deck engine needs to run @ app. 1850 RPM.

The IR air compressor mated to this hydraulic system will deliver app. 90 CFM of air @ a maximum of 175 PSI. The deck engine manual throttle needs to be set @ 2250 RPM to accomplish this.

The mud pump or air compressor can be conveniently selected by the hydraulic control valve located under the rod rack. The operator at the operators console can select either function as on or off.

The deck engine is a Deutz diesel 65 HP (4) cylinder air/liquid cooled engine.

The drill rod is a new state of the art aluminum heavy wall pipe, weighing only 33 lbs per stick. It is easy for one person to handle, therefore eliminating the need for a rod loader device

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