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XY-4H is a new type of core drill which is developed especially to meet the need of various drilling process mainly in diamond drilling, the power machine of which can either be motor diesel engine. The vertical drill as it is, it has the following advantages:
1)The wider range of vertical drill speed can be set into many gears.
2) Large drilling torque, high strength and strong capacity of drilling.
3)Adopting the connecting rod reinforcement spring cramp, hydraulic loosen chuck which is off normally and carbide inserted pipe slips, the clamping can be with large force, longevity and high reliability.
4)Adopt hydromatic brake, the work is steady, safely, and keep the band-type brake life is long.
5)Choose the high quality general parts such as article brand  automobile gearbox, clutch and universal power transmission shaft.
6)There is supervisory system (We install it according to user requirement).It can monitor the parameters as toque、drilling pressure、pump volume、pump pressure、speed and so on.
7)The power can choose motor and diesel engine.
Engine Name Electrical motor Diesel engine model
Type Y225S-4B35 HFR4105
Power (Kw) 37 46
Speed (r/min) 1480 1500
Chisel in the ability Φ50 Drilling rod Drilling depth › 1200m
Swivel head Spindle speed (r/min)
Clockwise: 39-1071
Contrarotate: 42、144
Spindle Max output-torque (Nm) 4600 (6r/min)
Spindle diameter (mm) 93
circumvolve angle 0-360º
Upgrade capacity (KN) Rated:125
Pressurizes the ability (KN) Rated:85
Stroke (mm) 600
Hydraulic system Type Planetary Type
Single-rope lifting-force (KN) Max 50
Single-rope lifting-speed (m/s) 0.645-3.106
Roll diameter (mm) 295
Steel cable diameter (mm) 18.5
Water brake Work speed (rpm) 700-1800
Single-rope balance speed (m/s) 3-8
Single-rope balance load (KN) 50
Hydraulic system Type of oil pump CBTL-E430/E410-AFPL
Displacement (ml/r) 30+10
System press (MPa) 8
Mobile oil cylinder stroke (mm) 460
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 3000*1115*2015 (including motor)
3245*1115*2015 (including Diesel engine)
Weight (Kg) 2600

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