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Dịch vụ và sản phẩm - DMTC

Longyear 38 Diamond Core Drill

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Longyear 38 Diamond Core Drillclick here for bigger image

- Make – Longyear
- Model – 38
- Type – Diamond Core Drill
- Condition – Good
- Unit Price – P.O.R
- Currency – US$
- Year – N/A
- Quantity – 2
- Unit – HB09332
- City – N/A
- State/Province – Utah
- Country – USA
- Part no. – N/A

Description - HB09332 Longyear 38 Diamond Core Drills. Longyear 38 Diamond Core Drill Rigs for sale, these are all rigs that are operational and have been on jobs prior to preparation for sale. The Core Drills can be painted prior to shipment and cleaned up ready to go to work. There will not be any tools included with the drills but tools can be purchased upon request. Specification of Core Drills: Longyear Model 38 “deep hole rigs”; 2 each are fly-in skid type rigs; all have light weight Masts made of Aluminum; they all have been upgraded to a Boyles type chuck; all Drills have “H” type heads for HQ Drill rod; all Drills have been upgraded to a 42” stroke; all Drills have Diesel power Hydraulic power packs; T18 Transmissions on Engine to rig power; all Drills will come with 35 Gallon Bean Pumps, Hydraulic Powered. They are being sold “as is, where is” and there is not any warranty on this used equipment, it is strongly suggested that a prospective buyer for these rigs should visit the site where they are located and choose the rig for their purchase, if additional work is requested, it will be done on a time and materials basis

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