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Our SEO Rank Tracker is packed with many customizable keyword-driven tracking reports that help you gain valuable insights and optimize your website and it supports tracking keywords in any language. Daily, weekly and monthly snapshots help you identify trends. Competitor tracking and research reports enable you to analyze competitor successes so you can improve your own strategies. The Landing Page Performance report shows you the keywords that each of your pages are ranking for so that you can ensure that your target landing page for each keyword is ranking highest.

Why Choose Us?

See and create custom insights by taking advantage of our extensive and constantly growing list of third party data integrations. Combine third party data with your rank, visibility, traffic, and internal data for custom insights with a broad reach.

Our Solution

  • Daily, weekly, & monthly rank tracking
  • Monitor site visibility
  • Search engine rank comparisons
  • Keyword grouping and tagging
  • Track landing page fluctuations
  • Determine site traffic across device
  • Analyze on-page elements for optimization
  • Execute technical SEO site audits
  • Track local ad rankings
  • Directly compare AdWords to Bing Ads performance
  • Unique paid search competition insights
  • Examine paid traffic metrics
  • Perform brand targeting ad audits
  • Receive automated ad alerts
  • Track the competition's organic & paid rankings
  • Determine your top organic & paid competitors
  • Monitor the competition's SERP changes, including changes to titles & meta-descriptions
  • View the competition's actual AdWords ads
  • Isolate shared keywords & keyword wins
  • Discover the competition's Featured Snippets
  • Research keywords by search volume
  • Receive optimized keyword suggestions
  • Determine keyword competitiveness
  • Discover voice search optimized keywords
  • Analyze your site's keyword vulnerabilities & strengths
  • Utilize advanced keyword research filters (such as keyword length, word count, question format, etc.)

Our Expertise

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